Christine Fries’ art quilts emphasize thread-painting, color, and “a sense of wonder.”  Born and raised in Belgium, she lives in 
 Vermont with her husband and sons.  In 1998 her life changed with her discovery of quilts and the quilting world, which have 
 been a passion ever since. Christine has won national and international awards. Her quilts have been featured in newspapers,
magazines, special exhibits, and calendars. She lectures and teaches workshops in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada.   She says, “Quilting is more than happiness, It’s ecstasy!”
 This lecture shows slides of my work from the first quilts to the latest pictorial quilts.  My art quilts emphasize thread-painting, 
 color, and "a sense of wonder."I explain how I first entered the quilting world, how I came up with the techniques I use, 
how I choose the subjects of my art quilts, the use of color, how mistakes can become part of a design, and more. The actual
quilts will be shown, and there will be a question-and-answer period.
 I really enjoy helping students learn and find their own talents within themselves. If you are interested in taking or sponsoring 
a class or workshop in or out of the Vermont area, please contact me. Any of my classes can be offered in English or French
and all workshops and classes are adaptable to every skill level and interest. The following are some of the classes I offer.
Classes range from one to five day periods (or more).

Learn to machine-embroider by sewing layers of stitching together to create an original three-dimensional design.
The leaves you will make won't have a "wrong side." You'll be surprised at how you can create beautiful, realistic looking leaves! It will be done using free-motion machine embroidery and will be shown in different applications.
This technique was used to create Miranda's hair in "Miranda: The Tempest." You'll also fashion 3-D butterflies using fabric, thread-painting, and beads. You'll learn how to represent pine trees in the distance of your nature scene using thread-painting to give added dimension.

Students will fashion 3-D dragonflies with sheer fabric and metallic thread. They will also learn the particular technique used to make the mermaid’s and baby’s hair in “A Water Baby,” and “Miranda: The Tempest.” This will be taught by creating a hedgehog using free-motion embroidery on water-soluble stabilizer. If there is time, more will be explored. Students who take this class will learn elements they'll be able to use in the second day class. Everyone Will Create Her Own Personal Little Nature Scene!

Learn how to make beautiful trees, including trunks and large and small branches, using fabric and quilting lines
to represent bark textures, contours, and shadowing. Learn the particular technique used to make Miranda's hair
for "Miranda: The Tempest" by creating a hedgehog using free-motion embroidery on water-soluble stabilizer.

You'll create a cozy place for your hedgehog with rocks, long reed leaves or grass, a corner with pond water, dragonflies, and a spider web. Students that took the first one-day class will have learned elements they'll be able
to use in this two-day class to add to their quilt. Everyone will create her own personal little nature scene! Imagination is the key, and anyone can bring out what they have inside during a few-day workshop. We always give each other ideas, and you'll create beautiful new scenes!

Students will make a little sampler quilt, about 20" X 20," incorporating the techniques of thread painting,
3D appliqué, and others. I explain how I made the hair for "Miranda: the Tempest" and for the mermaid in
"A Water Baby." This class discusses this technique in particular, and its applications in quilting and what quilters
can do with it, once they learn it. It is taught by means of creating several different types of leaves, insects, and cute furry mice, using this same technique.

I also teach how to make butterflies or a colorful three-dimensional partly-beaded moth, together with other elements of the 20" X 20" scene. It will depict a natural setting, with mice tucked into the scene, leaves placed on tree twigs, fruits (made using thread-painting) hanging from the twigs, a spider or other insects lurking, and the spider's web,
with sparkling beadwork embellishment of strands of the web, representing dewdrops. Students always enjoy this class and are amazed at what they achieve. You will walk away with a new appreciation of the use of color and technique.

In this class I try to have students create something similar to my quilt, using it as a guide. It's a free-cutting technique, raw-edges appliquéd style, assembled directly into the three layers of the quilt. The free-motion thread painting also serves as the quilting. This class will give you confidence in thread painting! You will learn ways to successfully add texture and character to your quilt. There aren't any points to match, no borders, and no binding. The edges are cut free-hand into an artistic shape and finished with a close satin stitch (tight zig-zag) done by free motion. The result
is unique (and the quilt back looks great, too!)

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